about me

Hi, I'm roxtii - your average sysadmin/developer located in southern Germany who's also part-time studying Information Technology.

sysadmin developer open source-, privacy-, security enthusiast started with Windows/iOS, ended up with Linux/GrapheneOS every-now-and-then sketch artist he/him

Favorite quote (at the moment): “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so."

You can find me here

mastodon logo @roxtii@layer8.space
matrix logo @roxtii:tekhify.de

How I spend my time

General activities:

  • hiking
  • running
  • books
  • video games (duh!)
  • drawing (but not as much anymore)

IT related stuff that piques my interest:

  • programming
  • open source
  • information security
  • data privacy
  • smart home
  • a lot more..